Store formats

Store Formats

McColl's operates in two distinct sectors – the convenience sector and the newsagent sector.


McColl's operates in the convenience sector under the McColl's brand name. Our convenience stores, which average 1,500 sq ft in size, offer consumers a wide range of grocery and alcohol products and also sell a full range of confectionery, tobacco and news products. The stores are principally in neighbourhood locations, serving a strong local community. As of January 2017, McColl's operates 1000 convenience stores.


McColl's operates in the newsagent sector  (including our larger variety stores) under the Martin's brand name and the RS McColl brand name in Scotland. These stores, which average 900 sq ft in size, sell a core range of confectionery, tobacco and news products and a number of key services such as Post Office and Paypoint. Our variety stores are larger and sell a wider range of magazines, cards, toys and books. Newsagent stores tend to be located in neighbourhood, market town and high street locations. As of January 2017, McColl's operates 371 newsagent stores.

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