Nasty nibbles

Try these options to make sure no one overloads on sugar – now that really would be scary!

6 Quick Tricks For Halloween Treats

Monster munchies

Get creative with crunchy veg and your kids are much more likely to get stuck in to the savoury options. Take five minutes to create your own ‘monster’ on a plate or board: use strips of cucumber, celery or carrots to create bony arms and legs, cheesey puffs or claw-shaped crisps for hands and feet, and slices of pepper (or whatever your kids like) to make ribs. Top it off with a bowl of houmous, guacamole or tzatziki as the ‘head’ and make eyes out of slices of cucumber, olives or onion rings.

6 Quick Tricks For Halloween Treats

Spider eggs

Eggs get a mischievous makeover – use black olives chopped up to create a spider’s body and legs. If you don’t have time to make devilled eggs (scooping out the cooked yolk and blending with mayonnaise, a dash of mustard, paprika, tabasco and salt, then piping back in to the white) then the look is just as effective with halved, boiled eggs.

6 Quick Tricks For Halloween Treats

Fiendish fruit

Use chocolate buttons and marshmallows to give faces to banana ‘ghosts’ (a dab of hot water will help the buttons stick). Or, slice green apples like Granny Smiths or Golden Delicious and create monster faces: glue two slices together with smooth peanut butter, stud with nuts or seeds for teeth (unless you’re feeding pre-school aged children – in which case use small marshmallows) and add white and milk chocolate button eyes on top.

6 Quick Tricks For Halloween Treats

Ghoulish games

Try these easy activities at home to make everyone squeal… with laughter!

Trick or treat treasure hunt

If you’re worried about trick or treating at the moment, you can recreate the buzz at home by setting up a trail around the house. For older children, make it trickier by posing a question or dare for each treat!

Hide and shriek

Give this playground favourite a shocking twist by encouraging those hiding to jump out on the unsuspecting seeker when they get close – whoever gets the biggest squeal wins!

DIY dressing up

Forgot to buy costumes this year, or worried about waste? Encourage your kids to get creative by creating a DIY costume kit – and let them dress you up! Gather together things like toilet roll (for bandages), bin liners (for capes or wings), cardboard (for witches’ hats), and old sheets (to become ghosts) and see what your little angels come up with. If you’re feeling brave, let them give you a spooktacular make-over – either with face paints or, if you have old make-up going to waste, let them go crazy it. Just make sure you protect the floor and furniture, as it’s not quite as easy to remove as face paint!

No tricks, just treats this Halloween!