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Campfire Banana and Chocolate Parcels
Campfire Banana and Chocolate Parcels
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Cooking Time15 mins Serves4

Kids will go crazy for these Rolo-studded bananas which are so easy to make on the barbeque this summer.


4 bananas

2 packets of Rolos or chocolate of your choice

A handful of mini marshmallows

Caramel sauce


1) Slice each unpeeled banana from tip to base, cutting through the peel on one side, through the fruit, and close to the peel on the other.

2) Open out each banana and stuff with Rolos and marshmallows. Press the sides back together and wrap each banana loosely in foil.

3) Place the foil parcels into the smouldering coals of the barbecue and cook for 10-15 minutes until the Rolos are gooey. (Or cook in a 180C/gas 4 oven for the same time.)

4) Carefully retrieve and unwrap the parcels. Add some caramel sauce and use spoons to scoop out the bananas’ insides.

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