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Cucumber Raita
Cucumber Raita
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Cooking Time5 mins prep Serves4

A traditional accompaniment to Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine, a cucumber raita can ease chilli heat and works well with poppadoms and naan bread.
Make the salad early in the day and keep in the refrigerator to let the flavours blend and intensify. Add more mint to taste, but do not substitute dried mint; the flavour is just not the same.


1 cucumber - peeled, seeded and grated

1 (150g) tub of natural, unsweetened yoghurt.

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint

Pinch of salt

For an elevated version, add a pinch of ground cumin or chilli powder.


1) Peel, deseed and grate the cucumber.

2) Finely chop the mint.

3) Stir both into 150g (5oz) of natural, unsweetened yoghurt.

4) Squeeze the juice of lemon and pinch of salt and mix well.

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