Traffic Light Lollies
Traffic Light Lollies
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Cooking Time15 mins prep & 2 hours freezing Serves8

Delicious and colourful, these Traffic Light Lollies are a treat for the kids. Try to use flat lemonade, so the bubbles don’t push the fruit to the top of the moulds.


32 raspberries

16 tinned peach slices

32 green grapes

Lemonade to fill (around 250ml)


1) Carefully wash the raspberries, pulling into halves if you wish. Chop the peach slices into chunks of around 1cm. Wash and halve the grapes (you can even peel them if you want).

2) Fill 8 ice lolly moulds with the fruit. Start with a layer of raspberries, then a layer of peach and finish with a layer of grapes – so that they appear in red, amber and green order when they’re being eaten. You want to pack your moulds quite tightly so that the fruit doesn’t move around when you add the liquid.

3) Carefully top each mould with lemonade, add a lolly stick to each one, then freeze for at least two hours until completely set.

4) To remove, dip the moulds briefly in hot water, then carefully remove the lollies.