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Best Ever Festive Hot Chocolate
Best Ever Festive Hot Chocolate
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Cooking Time10 mins Serves1

This warming treat is rich, indulgent and will be every bit as popular with the grown-ups as it is with the kids. Perfect for warming up with after a bracing winter walk or to help you snatch a moment of me-time amid the festive mayhem.


50ml double cream

200ml whole milk

75g milk chocolate, chopped

25g dark chocolate, chopped

50ml Bailey’s Irish Cream (optional)

Mini marshmallows and a Cadbury’s Flake to garnish


1) Whisk the cream until it holds stiff peaks, then chill until needed.

2) Add the milk to a pan on a low hob. Heat gently till almost boiling. Add the chocolate. Stir until melted, then stir in the Bailey’s, if using.

3) Pour into your favourite mug. Top with whipped cream, then decorate with marshmallows, a crumbled Flake, or whatever else you fancy.