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Chocolate Nest Cake
Chocolate Nest Cake
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Cooking Time20 mins Serves12

A Cadbury’s Flake nest holds in a hoard of mini chocolate eggs in this impressive-looking family bake.



200g caster sugar

200g unsalted butter

4 large eggs

200g self-raising flour

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp vanilla extract

60ml whole milk


100g milk chocolate, broken into chunks

200g butter, softened

400g icing sugar

5 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp whole milk


6 Cadbury’s Flake bars

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, Mini Creme Eggs or Creme Eggs, as preferred


1) Preheat the oven to 190C/gas 5. Grease the base and sides of 2 x 20cm-diameter springform
cake tins and line them with parchment.

2) Add all the cake ingredients and a pinch of salt to a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy. Divide the mixture between the 2 prepared tins, transfer to the oven and bake for 20 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cakes comes out clean. Remove from the oven, leave to cool in the tins for 10 minutes, then transfer to a rack to cool completely.

3) In a heatproof bowl, melt the chocolate for the buttercream. You can do this in a microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, or by placing the bowl over a pan of simmering water (ensuring the bowl doesn’t touch the water). In a separate bowl, mix together the 200g butter and the icing sugar with a wooden spoon, then, once the icing sugar is incorporated, use an electric mixer and beat until light and fluffy. Sift in the cocoa powder, add the melted chocolate and a pinch of salt and mix again until smooth.

4) On a cake stand or large plate, use half of the buttercream to sandwich the cakes together. Spread the remaining buttercream over the sides of the cake (evening it out with a palette knife) and across the top, leaving a nest area in the centre. Break the flake bars into chunks and press them lightly into the buttercream around the rim of the cake to create a nest effect. Fill the nest with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, Mini Creme Eggs or regular Creme Eggs, as you wish.