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Severed Finger Rolls
Severed Finger Rolls
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Cooking Time10 mins Serves6

These severed finger rolls are a great Halloween twist on an all-time favourite.


400g tin of hot dog sausages

1 onion

4 tablespoons ketchup

1 tablespoon brown sauce

6 hot dog rolls


1) Tip the liquid from the hot dogs into a pan. Cut a small, nail-shaped piece from the end of each hot dog. Make a couple of slashes in the hot dog just underneath the nail and three more to represent the knuckle.

2) Cook the hot dogs according to instructions and blanch the onion for 4-5 minutes. Drain the hot dogs and the onion.

3) Cut off the end of the non-nail part of each sausage. Add ketchup over this end. Once it has cooled slightly, cut the onion into a nail shape and place it in the slot you have created for it on the hot dog.

4) Mix the ketchup and brown sauce together and spread onto each roll. Put a dab of ketchup over each nail at both ends for a ghoulish effect.

Serve with mustard.

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